Uniting Republicans in Kootenai County.


Dear KCRWF Members, Associates, and Friends,

It is an honor and a distinct privilege to have been elected as the Kootenai County Republican Women Federated's President which serves Kootenai County. We are REPUBLICAN STRONG and growing faster than imagined.  I will lead 2015, by pursuing Republican awareness and increased membership throughout Kootenai County. I am pleased to announce that we are a Republican Women's organization that is AFFILIATED with the Idaho Federation and the National Federation of Republican Women.  These affiliations provide us with a wealth of knowledge, networking, and more importantly "REPUBLICAN CREDIBILITY".

I understand the importance of working harmoniously and collaboratively with our Republican colleagues and enjoy it. I am privileged to be part of an exceptionally devoted and incredibly talented team of Republican Women Volunteers who are dedicated to the commitment of demonstrating Republican excellence in our counties.  I look forward to a positive experience with our accomplished Board of Director's and our Standing and Special Committee Chairs.  I know these wonderful women will lead and inspire the Republican Party to a greater presence in our community through their commitment of unprecedented hard work and their diligent efforts to pursue the achievement of our organization's goals.

Each of you are instrumental to the success of this organization. I encourage you to participate in all of our meetings and hosted events. We have an excellent array of extremely knowledgeable and entertaining speakers this year to keep us well-informed of dynamic issues concerning our local, state, and national government.  We are a year round organization which we believe will cultivate an everlasting member relationship and empowers our organization to be the "PREMIER" Republican Women's club of Northern Idaho.  You will gain camaraderie experiences that will truly last you a lifetime should you become actively involved.  Each KCRWF Member, KCRWF Associate, and KCRWF friend's contribution is valued.

KCRWF stays abreast of current county and state legislative issues.   2015's programs have a much broader scope to build upon instituting greater in-depth knowledge for preparedness during campaign season.  We will continue educating about county and state legislative issues.  I am incredibly excited and would love for you to attend each meeting in anticipation of the next month's fabulously scheduled program.  I will leave you with the element of surprise for 2015's programs instead of broadcasting the 1st VP Programs inside scoop!

This year we will focus more on engaging and educating the public to assure keeping Idaho a Republican state.  In addition, we will share relevant information to our community to ensure success in electing a Republican President in 2016! 

Please get to know me as you will play an integral role in achieving our mission which is to advocate political participation supporting traditional Republican values by advocating "Common Sense" philosophies and initiatives through education on local, state and national issues, impacting and enhancing lives throughout Kootenai county.  I am friendly and as the KCRWF continues to grow your input is extremely valuable in making the KCRWF a success in our community.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support, friendship and confidence in me to serve as KCRWF President in Kootenai County from 2015 - 2016. Together we have made a difference and will continue to do so.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.


Respectfully yours,

Kellie Palm

KCRWF President

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