Advancing Knowledge and Bridging the Gaps



NFRW Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP)

The purpose of the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project is to foster Republican philosophy through the donation of books to local libraries, schools, hospitals and other institutions. The Kootenai County Republican Women Federated will donate at least one-two books from the official MELP list provided on the NFRW website each year. The Education and Literacy Chair will provide stickers that will be placed in each book(s) before they are donated.



NFRW Dictionary Project

The Dictionary Project is for third grade students to have their own personal dictionary.  Schools in our area may be interested in the KCWRF adopting this program.  They may contact the KCWRF to implement the dictionary program in their school, if they so desire.

It is important that the KCRWF members  make a commitment to provide dictionaries to at least one school for a minimum of two years in order to make a difference. KCRWF bookplates will be placed in the books that are provided to the school(s). A presentation of how to use a dictionary is a nice addition for the young students to understand the importance of its use.


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