Investing in the Political Road Ahead!

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The Campaign and Precinct Committee plays a vital role for the Kootenai County Republican Women Federated, the Idaho Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women during an election.  The Campaign and Precinct Committee is the primary connection for Republican candidates in local, state and national government to voters.  The Campaign and Precinct Chair will provide information regarding Republican candidates and incumbents at local, state, and national levels of government.

The KCWRF organization leads the effort to elect Republicans.  The KCWRF will inform its members of all local, state, and national Republican candidates and incumbents.

The Campaign and Precinct Chair encourages members to actively participate in all campaign activities.  A Quarterly Campaign Hours Form should be completed by the KCWRF membership which reports all their valuable time assisting on campaign tasks.  This form will be available on line at a later date.

The KCWRF has established a "Get Out The Vote Program" via: telephone banks at home or a designated office, by sending direct mail, putting up yard signs, and mailing Flyers for candidates that won the primary.  KCWRF Members also participate in a Voter Registration Drive prior to a primary (Feb/March) and prior to a regular election in (Sept/Oct).

The KCWRF's educational programs hope to initiate enthusiasm that will inspire women club members that have a passion for politics to run for local, county, and state offices.

The KCWRF encourages its members to attend local, state, district, or RNC Conventions and Campaign schools.

The KCWRF is fortunate to have many of our local and state elected officials as Members or Associates of the organization.


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